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How to install?


Install below packages

1. node version v12+  
2. npm  version  6+
3. Yarn version 1.17+

For your reference:

Git Clone the Onprem UI

git clone https://USERNAME:[email protected]/accuknox/accuknox-onprem.git
git checkout accuknox-onprem-ui

Steps to install Accuknox UI

Step 1 : $yarn install

Step 2 : Need to add the new API- base URL path (path to gateway) in two places in the below project files..

    a) LINE 1: ui-app/app/src/constants/urls.ts

    b) LINE 7: ui-app/platform-ui/src/api/custom.js

         Eg: const baseAPIPath = ''; 
              change the above api as per your Environment <>

Step 3 : $npm run build

 3.1 :  optional (Command to remove existing code)

        Eg: $gsutil -m rm -r gs://accuknox-ui/build/*

Step 4: Pushing build files from apps/build to GCP bucket(aws or azure bucket)

        Eg: $gsutil -m cp -r app/build/* gs://accuknox-ui/build/

Note : Step 4 will vary for different cloud providers

Step 5 : Install nginx application on VM

Step 6 : Configure the certmanager(https)

       Eg: letsencrypt Tool

Step 7 : tar -xvf build.tar.gz

Step 8 : sudo cp -rvf build/* /usr/share/nginx/html/

Step 9 : Start the service

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