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How to Configure Datasource

Step 1 : Onboard a Database

The user will be able to see the onboarded Datasource in the dashboard.

Let's configure Datasource

Go to Datasource in Data Protection Manager, click on Configure Datasource.

  1. Select the Source type Database.

  2. Select the Datasource domain where the data is hosted.

  3. Enter the Datasource name and Datasource description.

  4. Select the Datasource type Percona MySQL

  5. Select the Datasource version.

  6. Click on the Save and next button to install the AccuKnox data agent deployment.

Accuknox Data Agent Deployment

  • To install the Accuknox Data Agent for MySQL, follow the steps in the installation Agents page.

  • There is workspace ID and and key which dynamically generated.

  • Click on the Next button to see the configured Datasource.

  • It will automatically redirect to the Datasource Inventory where all the configured Datasource can be viewed.

  • The Databases for a particular onboarded Datasource can be viewed when the user select a particular Datasource.

  • The Accuknox data agent will scan the tables and columns in the given database which will map the sensitive classes and tags to their respective columns.

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