How to manage Databases

After configuring the Datasource we can see the datasource in this inventory

  1. Click on the Datasource from data protection.
  2. Accuknox provides you with a dashboard where all data sources are configured.

  • Information about Datasources like Database Name, Data Domain, Data Type and Version.

  • To add more Datasources, click on the Configure Datasource button on the right top corner.

  • Click on the particular Datasource to view the Database associated with it.

  • Click on the Database name to view the details of the Database, Tables in the database, view all Sensitive Classes and Tags associated.

  • Click on the Tables to view and edit the sensitive classes and tags associated with the particular column in the database.

  • Based on schema for the Database, a policy can be created from the given Database details by clicking on Create Policy button on top right corner of the screen.
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