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How to Manage S3 Buckets

To view S3 buckets which are configured

  • Click on the S3 Inventory from Data protection

  • Here we can view the S3 buckets which are configured

  • In this S3 inventory, the dashboard consists of S3 Bucket name and labels, Cluster, Number of Alerts.

  • Click on the particular bucket to see the Labels and Sensitive Sources

If you want to configure a New Data Source, Click on the "Configure Data Source".

How to configure S3 Buckets?

  1. Select the Bucket Files in Source type.

  1. Click on Save and Next.

  1. Follow the steps to install the Accuknox S3 Audit Reporter.

  2. Once the agent has been configured and is running, it'll start syncing the objects in the data bucket with the AccuKnox Platform.

  3. It will be redirected to sensitive source label page.

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