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Sensitive Source Labels

What are the Sensitive source labels?

Sensitivity labels allow users to classify documents as confidential or highly confidential labels which, once applied, determine what users can do with that file.

A user can view the details of existing labels, clusters and owner.

How to configure label and source type?

  1. Select and enter a unique label.

  2. Select the required S3 bucket, a user can select multiple buckets at once if needed.

  3. Select the required objects text file, then click on NEXT.

  1. The user will be able to see a summary of S3 bucket objects within the S3 bucket added as sensitive source(s).

  2. The user has to click on SAVE to implement.

  1. After saving, the user will be redirected to Sensitive Source Labels screen.

  2. To see the audit logs for Bucket files, refer to the log summary page.

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