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User Personas and Use Cases

Types of user personas and use cases supported

User personas

  • Application user - commonly accessing with an application, using a single and shared username and password.
  • ML Researcher - Typically accessing data and copying it into a data lake or S3 for machine learning processing.
  • Data Lake User - Other types of data lake users.
  • Support Personal - Users who access data purely for customer support reasons.

Types of Use Cases addressed and available

  • Audit trail & data governance – who accessed a given resource, and when. Provide compliance with known [ Available today ]

  • Protection policies – policies that protect unauthorized access of data, or block access to specific sensitive classes of data [partial support - use with caution]

  • Differential privacy – limit access to specific fields of data., or selectively encrypt them [roadmap item] -Data access quota policies that restrict the number of times a particular dataset is accessed., or how many rows are accessed [roadmap Item]
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