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Getting started

These instructions will help you install accuknox in a couple of minutes on your K8s clusters. For VM setup, follow this link.

1. Install sample k8s cluster

Install k3s

curl -sfL | INSTALL_K3S_EXEC='--flannel-backend=none --disable traefik' sh -s - --write-kubeconfig-mode 644

Make k3s cluster config the default

export KUBECONFIG=/etc/rancher/k3s/k3s.yaml
cp /etc/rancher/k3s/k3s.yaml ~/.kube/config
kind: ClusterConfig

  name: kubearmor-ub20
  region: us-east-2

  - name: ng-1
    amiFamily: "Ubuntu2004"
    privateNetworking: true
    desiredCapacity: 2
    # taint nodes so that application pods are
    # not scheduled until Cilium is deployed.
     - key: ""
       value: "true"
       effect: "NoSchedule"
      allow: true
      - "sudo apt install linux-headers-$(uname -r)"

2. Install Daemonsets and Services

curl -s | bash

This will install all the components.

Output from kubectl get pods -A

NAMESPACE NAME READY STATUS RESTARTS AGE kube-system helm-install-traefik-crd-gwlpt 0/1 Completed 0 3h17m kube-system helm-install-traefik-lzkqg 0/1 Completed 1 3h17m kube-system svclb-traefik-47bc4 2/2 Running 2 3h9m kube-system metrics-server-86cbb8457f-cw9jd 1/1 Running 1 3h9m kube-system local-path-provisioner-7c7846d5f8-kxdxj 1/1 Running 1 3h3m kube-system coredns-7448499f4d-qk6pv 1/1 Running 0 15m kube-system traefik-5ffb8d6846-w8clc 1/1 Running 1 3h3m kube-system cilium-operator-6bbdb895b5-ff752 1/1 Running 0 12m kube-system hubble-relay-84999fcb48-8d5ss 1/1 Running 0 11m kube-system cilium-wkgzn 1/1 Running 0 11m explorer mysql-0 1/1 Running 0 10m kube-system kubearmor-67jtk 1/1 Running 0 8m34s kube-system kubearmor-policy-manager-986bd8dbc-4s79d 2/2 Running 0 8m34s kube-system kubearmor-host-policy-manager-5bcccfc4f5-gkbck 2/2 Running 0 8m34s kube-system kubearmor-relay-645667c695-brzpg 1/1 Running 0 8m34s explorer knoxautopolicy-6bf6c98dbb-pfwt9 1/1 Running 0 8m20s

We have following installed:

* kubearmor protection engine
* cilium CNI
* Auto policy discovery engine
* MySQL database to keep discovered policies
* Hubble Relay and KubeArmor Relay

3. Install Sample k8s application

Install anyone of the following app or you can try your own k8s app.

kubectl apply -f

Application Reference

kubectl apply -f

4. Get Auto Discovered Policies

curl -s | bash
Sample Output

❯ curl -s | bash { "res": "ok" } Got 172 cilium policies in file cilium_policies.yaml { "res": "ok" } Got 1 kubearmor policies in file kubearmor_policies_default_default_main_ipidmpgu.yaml Got 1 kubearmor policies in file kubearmor_policies_default_default_redis_nqnohcbu.yaml Got 1 kubearmor policies in file kubearmor_policies_default_default_server_bujjgiip.yaml Got 1 kubearmor policies in file kubearmor_policies_default_default_server_gihaqkqo.yaml Got 1 kubearmor policies in file kubearmor_policies_default_default_server_gmlefyvh.yaml Got 1 kubearmor policies in file kubearmor_policies_default_default_server_gpcrbwsg.yaml Got 1 kubearmor policies in file kubearmor_policies_default_default_server_gvmixduf.yaml Got 1 kubearmor policies in file kubearmor_policies_default_default_server_jimxunhp.yaml Got 1 kubearmor policies in file kubearmor_policies_default_default_server_rxpzliwy.yaml Got 1 kubearmor policies in file kubearmor_policies_default_default_server_sbvldmly.yaml Got 1 kubearmor policies in file kubearmor_policies_default_default_server_uxvdiqid.yaml Got 1 kubearmor policies in file kubearmor_policies_default_default_server_wsglnafl.yaml

5. Applying Auto Discovered Policies on Cluster

These policies can then be applied on the k8s cluster running KubeArmor and Cilium.

  • Apply policies using kubectl apply -f checkoutservice.yaml.
Sample Output

kubectl apply -f kubearmor_policies.yaml created

  • To check KubeArmor policies one can use respective CRD's like ksp(KubeArmorSecurityPolicy CRD), hsp(KubeArmorHostSecurityPolicy CRD) for KubeArmor and cnp(CiliumNetworkPolicy CRD) for Cilium.
Output from kubectl get ksp -A
springboot do-not-allow-exec-from-java 12m
default ksp-log4j-block 10h
default allow-only-ls 26m
wordpress-mysql ksp-wordpress-block-config 12h

        # Similarly one can use hsp & cnp
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