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Policy discovery

Developers can discover policies using the policy discovery tool which leads to a detailed policy (per pod in the case of kubernetes) to be generated with the following information:

Developers or DevSecOps can enable policy discovery during the development phase, or during a dev environment depening upon how the security posture of the organization is set. Since all policy is generated as code, it can be version controlled and can be introduced in a standard CI/CD pipeline enabling incremental improvements. Developers or SecOps team can chose to have Policy discovery running so that newer policies are continued to be generated as the application continues to run.

Accuknox provides runtime Kubernetes security using the following underlying technologies:

  • Linux security modules - AppArmor and SELinux to harden application workloads and restrict the workload from accessing or exhibiting behavior that was not allowed as a part of a security policy.

  • eBPF - Accuknox additionally uses eBPF to both monitor application level system calls to provide runtime observability as well as provide L3, L4 and L7 security.

Accuknox provides the following runtime security

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