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How to create a new label?

The label manager displays currently available labels in your workspace. Users can manually create a new label and add entities to the label.

Create a label:

  1. Click Label Manager -> Create Label

    Enter key and value. Change the color of the label if you want.

  2. Click save button

Add entities to label:

Once the user created the label, next needs to associate entities to the label.

From two screens users can associate entities.

From Label Manager:

After the creation of a new label, the user can associate entities from the existing screen.

click +Add Entities

select the desired entities from the window and click Add to associate the created label to the selected entities.

You can also add entities to previously created labels. select Add Entities from the default screen of the Label Manager

From Cluster Manager:

Right-click on any entity such as pods, then click +Add Label

Search the desired label and click Add to associate the entity to the selected label.

Check newly created label in the label list

click Label Manager → select the new label from the list

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