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GKE with COS and Ubuntu


This user journey guides you to install and verify the compatibility of Kuberarmor on GKE with COS and Ubuntu by applying policies on Kubernetes workloads.

Step 1: Install Daemonsets & Services

curl -s | bash

Note: This will Install all the components.

Step 2: Verify the Installation

Kubectl get pods -A


Step 3: Install sample K8's Application

kubectl apply -f

Step 4: Verify the Installation

kubectl get pods -n wordpress-mysql


Step 5: Get Auto discovered policies

curl -s | bash


Step 6: Applying Auto discovered policies on Cluster

These policies can then be applied on the k8s cluster running KubeArmor.

Auto-discovery-policy service will audit the process and network and will give policies to allow only those processes and network.

Apply Kubearmor policy:

kubectl apply -f kubearmor_policies_default_wordpress-mysql_wordpress_divgfyof.yaml


To uninstall all the services Installed:

curl -s | bash
kubectl delete -f
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