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What is Cilium?

Cilium | eBPF-based Networking, Observability, and Security

Cilium is an open source project to provide eBPF-based networking, security, and observability for cloud native environments such as Kubernetes clusters and other container orchestration platforms.

The Cilium in use by Accuknox contains several upgrades including

Accuknox has been contributing to Cilium and maintains a fork of the same (which is being upstreamed back to the primary distribution) with improvements in the following areas - Extensible Identity solution based on SPIFFE standards - Improving policy audit handling - Improving policy telemetry and statistics collection to fit realistic scenarios - Policy discovery tools.

Where can I get the upgrades to Cilium

Find upgrades to our Cilium policies by visiting our open source github repos at

Do we intend to maintain a separate version of Cilium?

No. A fork exists to allow our community of users to directly access the feature upgrades that Accuknox is building. However all changes are being upstreamed to the community hosted at

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