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Accuknox Agents

Deployments Deployment Type
KubeArmor DaemonSet
Shared Informer Agent Deployment
Feeder Service Deployment
Policy Enforcement Deployment
Discovery Engine Agent Deployment
  • It is assumed that the user has some basic familiarity with Kubernetes, kubectl and helm. It also assumes that you are familiar with the AccuKnox opensource tool workflow. If you're new to AccuKnox itself, refer first to opensource installation

  • It is recommended to have the following configured before onboarding:

  • Kubectl

  • Helm


Minimum Resource required

Deployments Resource usage
KubeArmor CPU: 200 m, Memory: 200 Mi
Agents Operator CPU: 50 m, Memory: 50 Mi
Discovery Engine CPU: 100 m, Memory: 100 Mi
Shared Informer Agent CPU: 20 m, Memory: 50 Mi
Feeder Service CPU: 50 m, Memory: 100 Mi
Policy Enforcement CPU: 10 m, Memory: 20 Mi
Ports Description
9093, 443, 80 The worker cluster will communicate with accuknox SaaS and general internet