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RSyslog Integration

To forward the events to RSyslog you must first set up the RSyslog Integration.

Integration of RSyslog:

a. Prerequisites:

  • A running RSyslog server.
  • Host name/IP, Port number, Transport type(TCP or UDP)

Note: To deploy RSyslog server , [RSyslog Documentation] ( .

b. Steps to Integrate:

  • Go to Settings → Integrations → CWPP(Tab).
  • Click integrate now on RSyslog.

  • Fill up the following fields:

    • Integration Name: Enter the name for the integration. You can set any name of your choice. e.g., sh Container Security Alerts

    • Server Address: Enter your RSyslog Server address here, IP address or fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the RSyslog server e.g.,sh or 35.xx.xx.xx

    • Port: The port number to use when sending RSyslog messages (default is UDP on port 514); you must use the same port number. e.g., sh 514

    • Transport: Select UDP, or TCP as the method of communication with the RSyslog server

  • Click Test to check the new functionality, You will receive the test message on configured RSyslog Server. sh -Test message Please ignore !!

  • Click Save to save the Integration. You can now configure Alert Triggers for RSyslog Events