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AWS Cloudwatch

AWS CloudWatch Integration

Navigate to Settings->Integrations. Choose "AWS CloudWatch" services and click the Integrate Now button.

Integration of Amazon CloudWatch:

a. Prerequisites

  • AWS Access Key / AWS Secret Key is required for this Integration.

  • [Note]: Please refer this link to create access keys link

b. Steps to Integrate:

  • Go to Channel Integration URL
  • Click the Integrate Now button -> AWS CloudWatch

  • Here you'll be able to see these entries:
    • Integration Name: Enter the name for the integration. You can set any name.
    • AWS Access Key: Enter your AWS Access Key here.
    • AWS Secret Key: Enter your AWS Secret Key here.
    • Region Name: Enter your AWS Region Name here.
  • Once you fill every field then click the button this will test whether your integration is working or not.
  • Click the Save button.

2. Configuration of Alert Triggers:

  • On the Logs page, after choosing specific log filter click on 'Create Trigger' button.
  • The below fields needs to be entered with appropriate data:
  • Name: Enter the name for the trigger. You can set any name without special characters.
  • When to Initiate: The frequency of the trigger as Real Time / .
  • Status: Enter the severity for the trigger.
  • Search Filter Data : The filter log chosen in automatically populated here.This is optional.
  • Predefined queries: The list of predefined queries for this workspace is shown as default.
  • Notification Channel: Select the integration channel that needs to receive logs. This should be AWS CloudWatch. (Note: Channel Integration is done on the previous step)
  • Save: Click on Save for the trigger to get stored in database.

3. Logs Forwarding:

  • For each Enabled Trigger, please check the AWS platform to view the logs.
  • Based on Frequency (Real Time / Once in a Day / Week)
  • The Rule Engine matches the real time logs against the triggers created.