Asset Inventory

The users with multiple cloud accounts and workloads across various public clouds will find it difficult to get a comprehensive view of their cloud assets in a single place. They need to switch across various cloud providers console and monitor these assets. This becomes huge problem for the users.

AccuKnox solves this user problem by giving single pane of view of cloud accounts, assets and workloads that are present across multiple cloud platform. Once the user onboards the cloud account, AccuKnox CSPM tool scans the cloud account for the assets like hosts, applications, Web API,Containers, Clusters and so on. Asset count will be increased or decreased if there are any changes in the onboarded cloud account. This is done by the periodic scan that AccuKnox CSPM tool runs after fixed time intervals.

Asset findings will be listed along with graphical view of assets finding by date, asset count by scan and asset types by date.

Asset Details:

When the user clicks one of the assets from the list, they will be getting details about the assets like asset name, type, last scan date and vulnerabilities that are identified in that assets. Along with the Asset details AccuKnox SaaS provides the vulnerability findings that have passed or failed the baseline compliance that we set for the cloud account.