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Ticket Summary


AccuKnox’s Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) detects known vulnerabilities and security findings from infrastructure and application security posture assessment. Usually, once you onboard the infrastructure or workloads, we will run a scan that will identifies, prioritizes and remediate security and compliance flaws.

We enable customers to handle these vulnerabilities/findings through auto-creation of ticket on bulk of security findings of similar kind. We also enable customers to provide comments to the tickets which through regression helps to auto-update ticket for closure. With every findings, you should be able to see 'Solution’ and standard reference to learn more about the vulnerability/findings.

Ticket Summary

We integrate with several Ticketing Tools to track vulnerability/findings post security posture assessment such as - Jira, FreshService, Connectwise, Zendesk etc. We support various Status of Tickets to track its progress such as - Open, Ongoing, Cancelled, Closed or Re-opened. We provide you a composite view of Top findings which have higher severity or related to an important/sensitive assets and where ticket is not associated.