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Monitors section helps the users to monitor the assets that are present in the cloud account that is onboarded to the AccuKnox platform.

  • In the Monitor dashboard, we can view the monitor list here, the Monitor list consists of columns such as Names, Assets, Groups, and Data types.

  • The user has the ability to Delete multiple Monitors on the dashboard.

  • The user has the ability to filter the list, user can filter through groups, assets, and data types.

  • The user can view Monitor Configuration after clicking on one of the Monitors in the Dashboard.

  • Monitor Configuration consists of Name, condition, Action, Select fields to display and Assign to data type.

  • The user has the ability to duplicate the configuration.

  • The user can view Data, Assigned Hosts, Assigned Groups, and History.

  • The user can add hosts and can view Assigned hosts under the ‘Assigned Hosts’ section.