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What is CSPM?

What is Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)?

According to Gartner, CSPM is defined as “a continuous process of cloud security improvement and adaptation to reduce the likelihood of a successful attack.“ Cloud Security Posture Management helps to identify and remediate misconfigurations and Vulnerabilities present in the cloud workloads. It has the ability to provide continuous compliance with cloud workloads by detecting vulnerabilities that are risky to the security of the cloud resources.

AccuKnox’s CSPM tool scans the Cloud Account to assess Vulnerabilities, Misconfigurations that are present in the cloud infrastructure based on security best practices & benchmarks. It provides support to multi-cloud accounts with multi-tenants. With the help of the AccuKnox SaaS platform users can get comprehensive visibility of the cloud accounts in the assets section. The vulnerabilities and misconfigurations identified by the CSPM tool are highlighted in the form of reports that can be helpful for auditing and remediation purposes.