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AccuKnox enables you to discover your security infrastructure, assess the associated misconfigurations or vulnerabilities and continuously monitor for the security best practices. We help you to review your cloud infrastructure health and compliance posture. We also help you to generate reports that contain summary and detailed assessment of vulnerability/findings and compliance risks in your cloud infrastructure or in applications. These reports can be used further for auditing and certification purposes from third party assessment operators (3PAO) organizations. AccuKnox’s provides you coverage for technical compliance and legal governance from various benchmarks and frameworks like STIG, CIS, NIST CSF, HIPAA, MITRE, SOC2, CMMC, Fisma etc.


AccuKnox’s Baseline is an approach to detect drift in configuration from the conformance suite from multiple ‘data sources’ that AccuKnox and that can be associated to a specific ‘asset’ or ‘group’ of assets. It is a golden benchmark that is used to detect any change in compliance behavior proactively.

Baselines can be created for security-critical resources for continuously monitoring and validating against compliance and security policies. In the event of a potential security misconduct, baselines are critical to understand change from established expected behavior and raise an alert when its violated.